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Balkar founded White Falcon in 2021 to democratize investing for every investor and give them a product and service that is currently only in the reach of the very rich. We are an independent entity and have a mandate to do the right thing for the portfolio and the partners. No committees, no dogma, no closet indexing, no asset gathering...just rational investing. We aspire to buy and hold a collection of wonderful businesses run by like minded managers and owners. Our goal is to protect and compound capital over the long term on a risk adjusted basis. 


Our name - White Falcon - is a symbol of purity, self-reliance, freedom, humility, resilience, and courage. These are the core values with which we will operate and run the firm. Almost all of Balkar and his family's liquid net worth will be invested in the same strategy as the partners of White Falcon. We are aligned in more ways than one. 

There are very few competitive advantages in an investment management business and one of the most important is aligned, supportive and understanding partners. We are registered to accept partners in Ontario, Alberta and BC.

Balkar Sivia, CFA

Balkar is the founder and portfolio manager of White Falcon Capital Management. Balkar has more than 10 years of experience in investment management.


He recently worked with Burgundy Asset Management as a Vice President and Investment Analyst. Balkar is experienced in portfolio management as he managed an internal portfolio at Burgundy. Before Burgundy, Balkar worked as an Investment Analyst with Tim McElvaine at McElvaine Investment Management.


Balkar has a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of British Columbia and is a CFA Charter holder. Balkar also attended the Investment Management Workshop at Harvard Business School. He lives in the GTA with his wife and two children.

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